Tim’s GTR Build 12-15-09 Update

Well we are making some good ground over here on Tim’s car. The motor is out and the deatschwerks injectors are installed. The stock turbos are getting swapped as I type with with the upgraded AMS units. The Intercoolers have been removed and replaced with the much larger AMS unit. The stock fuel tank is out and being updated with a very cool dual pump upgrade that installs just like factory. I doubt the dealer will be able to tell we put upgraded pumps in! The big plus is this is that instead of using industry standard walbro pumps we are using a unique pump that looks like stock, flow more fuel and does not have that dreaded walbro fuel pump whine at all.

Also Tim opted to do a little preventative maintenance on his GT-R so we removed his stock transmission and sent it off to Mr John Shepherd for some much needed upgrades. Lots of work going on over here at AMS

Here are some pictures of the progress:

Trans coming out

Removing the stock IC and installing the AMS unit:

Engine out and ready for upgraded AMS Turbo’s!

Stay tuned as more updates develop.

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