*AMS Product Release* AMS 4G63/4G64 Torque/Honing Plate

AMS 4G63/4G64 Torque/Honing Plate

The AMS 4G63 Torque/Honing Plate is an essential tool when machining your engine block. The controlled stresses of the cylinder head bolted to the block have become an important factor in the block’s integrity. To ensure integrity, we must recreate that stress by using a deck plate when boring and honing to eliminate distortion of the cylinder bore.


  • Works with bore sizes from 85mm up to 87.5mm
  • Designed with state of the art CMM equipment


  • CNC machined 1018 billet steel
  • 1″ thick


  • Mitsubishi 4G63 & 4G64 Engine

Note: Always begin by torquing your main caps in place to correct specifications. Next, install a torque plate and torque in place using final assembly torque specifications using correct length bolts. If bolts are too long or too short, they may abnormally stress the block.

Price: $389.95
Can be purchased Here.

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