Here we have the final CAD designs of the AMS 1,000 HP GT-R turbo kit as they sit before going to our 3D printing machine:

What is a 3D printer you ask? Well it pretty much does exactly what is sounds like. This machine we have will now take our CAD design and print a plastic composite sample.

With this sample we will now be able to test fit it on the car. If the sample fits like we think it will then its off to get quick casted. Quick casting is a VERY expensive process but it gives us a hard piece to not only install but test. This will be the set of headers that get installed on chucks car. If they fit and work well we will being with production casting smile.gif

here is a sample of some previous 3D printed parts :

Subaru Intake manifolds plenums

EVO F1-I Intake manifold

Here we fiberglass wrapped the 3D print for an on car test:

Internal shots

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