AMS releases Porsche K16 Billet Turbo upgrades

AMS releases the most powerful K16 based turbo upgrade available. Using a custom CNC machined billet compressor wheel, these modified K16’s are capable of 750-800hp! These exclusive turbos available from AMS feature modern aerodynamics that offer high flow and stock-like spool. These are the ultimate turbos for street and track cars, no lag and incredible horsepower. Capable of pushing 10 second quarter mile times at well over 130mph with minor bolt-ons, this kit will put your 996TT into the pinnacle of supercar status.

AMS Porsche 996TT K16 Billet Turbo Upgrade Kit

This turbo upgrade is a completely bolt-on improvement of the K16 turbo platform that is fully compatible with stock components on the 996TT. Each kit includes AMS Billet Turbochargers, AMS 1-Bar Wastegate Actuators, a 5-bar fuel pressure regulator, turbo gasket set and an AMS/EPL Flash. A Fuel Upgrade Kit which includes 72lb injectors and an upgraded custom tune is also available as an option. 

Estimated Power Output:

  • 475-500whp / 500-550 ft lbs torque on stock vehicle w/ pump gas
  • 525-550whp / 575-600 ft lbs torque with optional AMS Fuel Upgrade Kit
  • 575-650whp / 650-675 ft lbs torque on race gas, bolt-ons and AMS Fuel Upgrade Kit

For more information on the AMS K16 Billet Turbo upgrades or to place an order visit our ONLINE STORE or contact us directly at 847-709-0530

S Porsche 996TT

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