AMS now offers Nissan GT-R e-Flashing

Using COBB AccessPORT we are able to optimize your fuel and timing curves to extract as much safe, usable HP and torque as possible. We are also able to raise the fuel cut on the factory ECU for those pushing the limits on the factory hardware. In addition to this we will also modify your cam timing on both your intake an exhaust cams for quicker spool up and maximum power, without sacrificing drivability.

As much as 80+ WHP and 100+ WTQ gains can be seen from Stage 0! Almost 100 HP at the crank!

Your tune will be the latest, and most enabled file that is currently available. We have the most current files as they are released, this includes the new v2.0 files that will have the proportional gain boost control system!

We are able to control your boost while utilizing either your stock solenoid, or with any other boost controller of your choice. There will be no check engine lights set because of the installation of an aftermarket boost controller, or any other system on the car. The AP allows us to turn off all engine related service lights!

As always at AMS, we will not sacrifice safety, reliability or drivability when tuning your car. We will however guarantee a very large smile on your face when it’s all said and done!

In a nutshell stage 0 Turns your stock GTR into what it should have been when you drove it off the dealers lot!


  • Intake and exhaust cam timing are optimized for best spool-up, drivability and top-end power
  • Ignition timing is optimized and smoothed
  • Fueling is adjusted to meet the engine’s requirements
  • Boost wastegate duty cycle is optimized to the specific vehicle, and smoothed to eliminate drivability issues, while maintaining a safe boost level
  • Quicker spool up and maximum power output
  • Safety, reliability and drivability are maintained

For E-tunes we need the following information:

  • Which market is the car from (jdm, edm, usdm)
  • Serial number on the back of the ap unit
  • Modification list
  • What octane fuel will be used

If you do not already have a Cobb Access port system you can purchase one directly from AMS with your new Stage 0 Map already loaded in!

Looking for a retune for your latest part addition? We have you covered!
AMS also provides remote tuning services for all varieties of modified GT-R’s. Just give us a call at 847-709-0530 and we will be happy to tailor a map to your liking for your list of modifications!

AMS GTR  E-Flash can be purchased in our Online Cart HERE.

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