AMS Drag Evo VIII to compete in the Texas Mile!

March 26th marks a new day for our beloved Drag EVO VIII. She has laid dormant for a while waiting to take a trip down the track. Well we got tired of waiting

We have decided while the ground thaws in balmy Chicago we should toss the AMS Drag EVO VIII into the trailer with the GT-R and Porsche 996TT and drive to Texas. last year we competed in the Texas mile and had a BLAST! We thought this year we would shake things up a bit and bring out something to turn some heads.

In order to achieve this we have to change some things on the drag car. Many of you remember the current engine layout below:

Well the big change to our Texas Mile setup will be the turbo kit. The low hanging setup will be replaced with a more center mounted front facing kit to allow for better weight distribution. Horsepower output will remain the same and possibly even increase a bit.

Aerodynamically we have to change a few things too. Small areas will be addressed like the air dam and others. Below is our current bumper with our current air dam.

While functional at the strip it will more than likely be ineffective at speeds well in excess of 200 mph. To counter this Eric Jones is making a stronger and better designed air dam.

A new undertray will also aid in aerodynamic improvements and I will post those shots as the develop.

We also took the time to do some much needed clean up work to the engine bay rewiring, rerouting and even a fresh coat of paint.

We will also be adding in the factory glass windshield and special stain proof seat for Eric Jones as he goes well past 200 mph

In addition we have turned back the clock a bit on the drag car and renewed its famous fighter jet look

I will continually post in this thread as we keep updating the AMS Drag EVO and its progression for the Texas Mile on March 26th-28th

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