The last time we left off, we were waiting for the prototype header to arrive from CP-E. After a slight delay in shipping, the piece was finally received and installed on the Genesis Thursday of last week. There are some mild adjustments that Ivan will need to make but our build is starting to show some true progress!

Prior to the arrival of the header, Ivan took the time to install an upgraded fuel system in order to compensate for the added boost pressure that would be produced by the larger turbo. At the fuel sending unit, Ivan installed the AMS factory fuel pressure delete kit. This directs all the fuel to the fuel rail while still maintaining the functionality of the factory saddle / siphon system. Fuel is then directed to the Fuel Lab fuel pressure regulator by way of the AMS Genesis fuel rail fitting. With a vacuum line hooked up to the fuel pressure regulator, the fuel system is changed from “static” pressure to “boost compensation”. This will ensure that we have enough fuel for the higher boost levels we intend to run. A return line was then run from the fuel pressure regulator back to the fuel sending unit. Deatchwerks 750cc injectors round out the installation of the upgraded fuel system.

In addition, Ivan was also able to install the beginnings of a downpipe started by CP-E and is continuing his work on the AMS intercooler piping. We’ll have pictures of this and more once the finished piping returns from fabrication and is fitted onto the Genesis.

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