AMS Drag Evo VIII to compete in the Texas Mile – Update

Justin, Eric and the Fabrication department have been hard at work. Header mockup looks to be done and final welding is taking place.

Eric Jones is busy seaming up the front doors and other areas that need to be 200+ mph friendly

All in all progress is going VERY well.

Some more progress was made on the Drag car / mile car. The lexan windshield was removed in lieu of a factory one. Some nice roof rails were made for some added aero. The header has made some big progress and the air to water IC mockup has begun.

All in all we are doing very good on our time frame thanks to lots of guys here busting their hump.

The finishing touches are made on the header. As you can see the welding process was pretty involved but Justin, Drew, Shane, Nick, Joe and everyone in Fab did a bang up job.

Corey (engineer) was also involved taking measurements of the front end to better design our air to water IC end tanks. Things are really moving along

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