AMS Track car build for a customer…how to tear down a BRAND NEW GT-R!

A majority of our business here at AMS is building completely prepared race cars for our customers. We campaign our own very successful race team and based on those efforts/merrits we are able to provide very capable and proven race cars to our customers.

A while back we had a couple of customers work with us to build two very nice EVO track cars:
“Blue Demon” Time Attack EVO IX
“Silver Bullet” Road Race EVO X

Well these two are at it again and this time they want to build a GT-R. Just like the two EVO’s prior they went and bought a BRAND NEW GT-R from the dealer and sent it over to us to work our magic. This car came to us with a whopping 74 miles on it.

Today we began the tear down process on this car. The slated parts lists has some mild but effective power upgrades but just AMAZING suspension, brake and chassis work!

We plan on doing a custom exhaust to the car to optimize weight savings along with some trans cooling and a Custom AMS tuned Cobb AP to increase the power.

That is where the easy stuff ends. Along with that a very comprehensive Roll cage and suspension and brake setup will go into the car. The best of the best will be used on this build. Look for some REALLY unique and professional grade components to make their way into this car. We really hope to break some new ground in the GT-R world with this build and bring some great suspension, weight reduction and chassis ideas to the GT-R community.

Stay Tuned!

Here are some pictures of how the car looked after it was unloaded from the transport:

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