AMS Operation Agent Orange: The Building of an SR850 Car, Zeus’ WILD GT-R build!

Operation Agent Orange:

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a GT-R owner by the name of Zeus. He was interested in doing some mild performance upgrades for his GT-R. Having recently purchased a Murcielago and building a very powerful EVO X he did not want to go too crazy on his GT-R…just a fun street car. After a couple of phone calls Zeus picked up our bolt on line consisting of our exhaust, midpipe, intercooler and other small bolt ons along with a Cobb AP E-tune from AMS. Zeus was happy with the car but wanted a little bit more. He called in and decided to ship his car to us to do the AMS bolt on turbo upgrades and bump power up to about 620 whp. That was before he saw Frank’s car run a 9 second pass on the SR850 Package…

Zeus called me up a couple days after we returned from TX2K10 with some more questions. He had been driving his Murcielago around for a little while and just was not happy with the power output. Knowing his GT-R was in route to AMS he decided to upgrade to our SR850 Package.

Well Zeus’s beautiful red GT-R finally arrived at the shop and we wanted to take some time out to document the build. Why is it called Operation Agent Orange? Well thanks to the Ron and the guys over at Autowerks not only is Zeus’s GT-R getting the SR850 treatment, it’s getting repainted a very vibrant Orange color!

Quite simply Zeus is getting back a COMPLETELY different car and one that I am sure will put a big smile on his face and bring a tear to that Murcielago’s eye ?

On with the build:

Step one is the tear down!

As we begin our project the first thing that needs to be done is to remove the engine and transmission for their new upgrades

Now that the engine and trans are out we can convert the car to a roller and ship her to Ron and the guys at Autowerks ( ) for the color change!

Stay tuned as this project unfolds

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