AMS sponsored EVO wins both SCCA VIR National races

AMS sponsored SCCA T2 EVO driver Marty Grand participated in the North Carolina Apr Double National race held at VIR last weekend and took home two first place finishes and set a new class track record!

Here is Marty’s quick rundown of the weekend’s  events along with some video clips:

“On Saturday I got stuck behind a Ferrari 430 Challenge car that decided he wanted to race me (even though he was in T1 and I’m in T2). Normally, Id just let them go but his team mate was in the T2 M3 ahead of him. Sooo as a result, he was slowing me down. I had to get a little aggressive and pass the 430 a couple times before it stuck. I then ran down the M3 and passed him as well. On Sunday I got past both of them at the start so I didn’t have to worry about running anybody down. I was also able to set the track record on Sunday. All and all a nice 2 win weekend. I put a couple clips below.

Also, I didn’t see the very slow Mazda in front of the Mustang when I went for the pass, the mustang went hard left to avoid him and fortunately I had just enough room to avoid him and the Mazda.”

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