Now the fun really begins as we construct the turbo kit.  The factory truck exhaust manifolds make a great base for the turbo kit when reversed so I decided to go that route.  Guys have run in the high 8 second range on similar set-ups  so there should be no issue with what I am trying to accomplish.

With the exhaust manifolds flipped facing forward we added 2″ 304 Stainless Steel schedule 40 pipes that Y into a split scroll T-4 flange.  This is a really solid foundation but for  safety sake we will be adding some support brackets once the kit is complete.




For the turbo I chose a single, tried and true, GT42R with a 1.28 hot side from Precision Turbo.  This turbo is capable of well over 1000 horsepower so it is more than enough.


The beauty of this turbo kit is it will not need to be changed or upgraded once I build up the engine with better internals.  This whole set up will be ready for well over 1000 horsepower!

Next update will include  the wastegates, giant intercooler and piping.

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