AMS Nissan GT-R Track car build for a customer- Update #4

Justin and the Fab shop have been making some serious ground on our customer track car GT-R
The Carbon Kevlar Recaro Hans Equipped Seat has arrived

The beginnings of a custom seat bracket from Justin.

Justin went ahead and cut down the tunnel side seat mount to make it even with the rest of the rails. You can see how much smaller it is now and how low it will sit

Sean is busy taking out material near the rear shock towers to allow for easier damper adjustment. This also will enable us to save some weight in bracing and to eliminate the cast aluminum seat back.

Justin found a way to take out a good chunk of weight by making his own steering column using some new and existing pieces. Total weight savings for this was 7lbs!

With the full cage going in soon the roof bracing on the car is not needed and just excess weight. Here we can see Sean cutting out the roof bracing.

Everything adds up! with this latest round of chassis lightening we were able to shed 21 lbs/9.5 Kg’s

More to come!!!

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