We get asked all the time about Chucks car. I think it might even be surpassing that Blue demon evo we built in popularity

On with some more updates:

NHRA regulations require a parachute on a car trapping more than 150mph in the quarter mile. Considering Frank and Mikes GT-R cut a 146.9mph on its maiden 9 sec pass we knew Chucks was going to need a parachute.

Justin stepped up the plate and built onto the existing cage with one hell of a parachute mount. The best part is the mount can be removed and the license plate installed in about 5 minutes and nobody is the wiser.

Imagine setting up a street race with a GT-R and all of a sudden he whips out a parachute to attach to the car….hahahaha

and on with the pictures:

This is going to be my new background!

We still have to paint the new bar supports but it came out GREAT!

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