Its time for more updates on Zeus’s Orange GT-R!

The Transmission upgrade is back from Shep trans and the motor is ready to put in. Time to do some work!

Here we have the transmission packed with all sorts of love from AMS, Shep trans, PPG, Dodson and Exedy:

Here we have Danny the technician on the project assembling the two sections of the transmission

The Engine is fully built ready to get dropped in. Custom AMS JE pistons, Carillo rods and some nice Tomei cams round off one hell of a long block

Here is another shot of the engine. The fabricators worked up some really nice turbo inlet pipes to help these new Billet AMS turbo’s breathe!

Now comes the daunting task of installing this monster of an engine into the small space that is the R35 engine bay

Viola! Engine installed, Danny just has to button the engine up and install some very custom AMS intake and IC pipes and this little girl is ready for the dyno rollers smile.gif

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