It has been a busy summer here at AMS so naturally my hearse project has been coming along slower than I would like!  My good friend Shane Smith has been picking away at the turbo kit as time allows.  Hopefully we can get back on track as the Texas Mile is only 3 months away!


Due to space constraints Shane suggested we run the wastegate dumps through the fenders.  I agreed and it looks sick!


In between engineering projects Corey found time to use our CMM Arm to measure for a custom heat shields to deflect heat from the exhaust manifolds


I was really excited to get my new wheels from Zack @ Boze Wheels (  They have so many options like powder coating and engraving and offer completely one of a kind wheels at a great price!


Ivan over here at AMS did some precise measuring/calculations and got me the perfect specs for the new wheels.  They fit perfectly and look amazing!  Pictures don’t do it justice!


The turbo kit is now complete and off getting coated satin black.  Stay tuned as we kick this project back into gear!


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