Jamaica Gleaner News: “Circuit Racing: The King and the Beast”

AMS Performance TA1 driven by David Summerbell from the CMRC Caribbean Invasion 2010

As I stated in an earlier blog, the thrill associated with witnessing feats of speed and bravado at Dover, for the Emancipation of Speed race-meet, was not on the cards. I was unavoidably absent. I had to rely on post- race reports and comments to mould an image of what occurred on track.There was consensus that it was a memorable event which climaxed with an unexpected display of superiority, which left attendees in a fun induced drunken stupor!

According to the race report, David ‘King’ Summerbell Jr. started the final race of the day from pit lane, ½ lap after the field got the green flag. Summerbell summoned his troops and took the field to the slaughterhouse. When the mayhem ended only Matthew Gore, the victor, was spared. Some fans intimated that it was the best race they have seen at Dover for some time.

As I read some of the comments 2 things became clear :

1. Circuit racing fans still do not understand the repertoire of skills Summerbell has.

2. Race fans still have not grasped the level at which TA1 operates.

In short form, David ‘King’ Summerbell Jr. is arguably the best driver ‘the rock’ has ever produced. A review of his track record reveals an infinite list of victories and accomplishments.


Then there is his Mitsubishi Evolution VIII – TA1 – the Beast. A time attack machine which was purpose built, in three months, by Automotosports Inc. (AMS). It had 1 mandate – to mutilate everything in its path and in so doing reorganize the Evo tuning kingdom, by hoisting AMS to number 1.

TA1 did this effortlessly. It was too easy. It annihilated everything the US tuning community hurled at it. Victory after victory, at various tracks, it left a trail littered with dismembered, conquered machines. TA1 hurriedly acquired its own infinite list of accomplishments.

In 2008 an investor’s wet dream took shape – a merger involving the nation’s best driver and the region’s best time attack machine.

Let us be honest (it may hurt but try). TA1 on its reduced boost setting, smashed Dover’s lap record! Is there a machine in any garage anywhere within our shores that can force an adjustment of the current boost setting?

TA1 – an awe- inspiring, checkered flag chasing, mechanical devil, being directed by the insatiable and abusive right foot of Summerbell, will deliver the unforgettable spectacle fans witnessed on August 2, 2010.

The King and the Beast, an indomitable pair!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner –On-Line Writer

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