AMS Drag Evolution VIII preparation for the Texas Mile

October 2010

It has been a busy summer and fall so we got a late start at preparing our Drag EVO 8 for the final Texas Mile event of the year.  We learned a lot from our first time doing standing mile racing earlier in the year.  The stress and strain of running a 4 cylinder car at such high power levels over the course of such a long distance creates a lot of heat!  Better cooling and oiling was going to be a must!  We also realized that the EVO 8 is not very aerodynamic at 220+ mph!

Unfortunately with such a late start we were unable to make any aerodynamic improvements to the car.  The biggest problem with choosing to do top speed racing with an EVO 8 is it has a huge aerodynamic foot print.  While wind tunnel testing could help us reduce the coefficient of drag, it is very expensive and time consuming.  With such a short amount of time we stuck to our roots and concentrated on increasing efficiency and adding more brute AMS power!

This time out we switched to E98 ethanol to help the car run cooler. The new fuel system included a mechanical fuel pump from Aeromotive and injectors from Injector Dynamics.  To improve efficiency we upgraded the turbo to a new Precision Turbo unit with the latest wheel technology.  Boost is being controlled by new MVR Tial wastegates.  Engine management is tried and true AEM EMS.

In the engine department we added an AMS dry sump oil system for consistent, reliable oil pressure.  A new AMS 2.1 Drag Motor with a GSC Power Division crank, Manely rods and JE Pistons was assembled. To top it off some new Kelford race-spec cams wrapped up our new power plant.



Gearing was also a problem on our first outing.  The stock EVO 8 5th gear is so long it was putting us out of our optimum power band.  To relieve the 3000 rpm drop on the 4-5 shift we turn to  They set us up with a rebuilt gearbox with a shorter EVO 9 5th gear and a new final drive ratio.

Tire choice is the most important element to Mile Racing.  To get the new found power to the ground we stuck with the Continental Tires we tried our first time out.  Suspension is also a very important aspect to the build and we opted for a set of Enduratech coil-overs for this duty.

We are hoping our improvements in efficiency and power will be enough for us to break the 230mph barrier.  We realize that the EVO 8 is not the best choice for this type of racing but we are always up for a challenge!  Mile racing is very addicting and we are hooked!



Special Thanks to all of our Sponsors!

AEM Power              
Apex Engineering
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GSC Motorsports   
Injector Dynamics  
JE Pistons                  
Kelford Cams           
Manely Performance
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Shepherd Transmission
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Tial Sport                   
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