*AMS Product Release* AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Extreme Duty Connecting Rods

AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Extreme-Duty Connecting Rods

When our engineers began designing the AMS Alpha 10 & 12 series R35 GT-R builds, they knew we would need a set of connecting rods that would withstand the 1000+ horsepower and extreme torque levels. With limited choices on the market for this level of performance, AMS decided to work with Manley Rods to develop the AMS Extreme-Duty Connecting Rods suitable for over 1500HP!

These specially designed rods started with a proven, robust I-beam design forged from 4340, aircraft quality steel. To ensure the upmost structural integrity each rod is degassed for a consistently strong density throughout the material. Each rod is then shot peened after machining to Mil specs and 100% magnafluxed individually to check for subsurface weaknesses. For added strength and reliability, larger 7/16” ARP 2000 bolts (22% larger than stock) were incorporated into the design – thicker than any other aftermarket rod bolts available for your GT-R.


  • Designed to withstand over 1500HP
  • Robust I-beam construction
  • 4340 aircraft-quality steel
  • Larger 7/16” ARP 2000 bolts for added strength and reliability

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