*AMS Product Release* AMS Nisssan R35 GT-R Extreme Duty Pistons

AMS Nissan R35 GT-R Extreme-Duty Pistons

The AMS Nissan R35 GTR Extreme-Duty Pistons are not your ordinary replacement pistons. We teamed up with JE Pistons to engineer heavy-duty pistons that are designed to increase power and perform flawlessly under extreme heat and PRESSURE.

To improve the output of your VR38, we raised the compression ratio to increase horsepower throughout the powerband. This increase also produces more low end torque which reduces turbo lag and improves boost response.

Because the Alpha series packages produce 1000+ horsepower and extreme torque levels, these pistons are loaded with special features for strength and reliability:

  • Forged construction to handle the stress of over 1500HP!
  • Annular pin hole grooves with double forced oil holes prevent pinhole galling.
  • Teflon coated skirts reduce friction and prevent scuffing.
  • Extra thick ring lands provide superior ring groove support under extreme pressure by intersecting the ring groove and the pinhole
  • 4340 taper bore, hard-chromed extra heavy duty pins and high performance piston rings finish the package.

The AMS Extreme-Duty Pistons come stock bore size and will even work with factory connecting rods without any additional machine work. Over-bore sizes are available by special order, please call.


  • Increased compression ratio for added horsepower and torque
  • Forged construction to withstand 1500+HP
  • Reduced turbo lag and improved boost response
  • Works with stock or aftermarket connecting rods


  • 9.5:1 compression ratio
  • 4340 taper bore
  • Hard-chromed extra heavy duty pins



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