A couple of months back we were contacted by one of our dealers on the island of Antigua. He had a close friend and customer of his that had been campaigning a bolt on GT-R out in the carribean that was doing very well. He was hungry for more. Habib from Rocket Science Racing and Mr Hadeed of Hadeed Motors (GT-R Owner) had been following our Alpha 10 progress with great interest. They also had been following Chuck’s GT-R build and the World challenge build. After much deliberation they decided to send their beloved GT-R project up to AMS.

With a go big or go home mentality Habib and Mr Hadeed decided to cut straight to the chase and chose our Alpha 12 GT-R package with 4.0 Race engine and complete Alpha 12 spec transmission. No stone was to be left unturned on this project. A very comprehensive cage was to be installed along with any component that would aid in reliability and safety.

Racing on the tracks in Antigua is a bit hairy to say the least. Here in the states we are blessed with many well prepped tracks and long shut downs…..NOT IN ANTIGUA! As Habib explained the shut down at the local track is not only short but has a kink half way down the track. For this reason and NHRA rules we had no choice but to install a removable parachute.

The project is making great leaps but we still have some room to go. The cage and chassis work are completely done, the turbo kit is just about done and the motor is going through final assembly.

This is an exciting project as not only is it one of the first ALPHA 12 GT-R’s we have been asked to build but the fact that its getting shipped to an island most consider to be a tropical paradise

Goes to show you that the love for the R35 is EVERYWHERE

ON with some pictures of the build

Off the trailer and ready for WORK!

Cage work underway

Cage work complete

4.0 Race engine before assembly

Stay tuned as the engine gets dropped in and we toss this girl on the rollers

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