AMS Alpha 9 Nissan R35 GT-R 2010 Super Lap Battle Finals *Video*

Many of your read the very enjoyable write up Davin did on the 2000 mile road trip with the AMS ALPHA 9 GT-R back in November.

That trip saw all kind of road conditions, the SEMA show in Las Vegas and at the end of this journey was the Super Lap Battle finals at Buttonwillow race way in California. There the President of AMS Performance Martin Musial drove AMS to a 1, 2 finish in the street class with our Shop 900X package EVO X and ALPHA 9 powered GT-R. The EVO edged the GT-R out by a fraction of time. It wasn’t quite a fair fight as the GT-R did not have the suspension setup to optimize performance due to time constraints unlike the AMS EVO X. Despite some slight (lol) over-steering problems the ALPHA 9 package performed GREAT! With some more suspension setup behind the JRZ RS pros we are sure our EVO Would be sitting in the second spot and the GT-R would be in its rightful place on top!

This really was a testament to the longevity and abuse the ALPHA 9 package can take. 2000 miles of our own Chuck and Davin being very unforgiving to the car and a full out time attack event with a podium finish to cap it all off smile.gif

Enjoy the video and pay attention to the speedo overlay on the straights icon28.gif icon28.gif icon28.gif

Also please note Martin having some fun with the ALPHA 9 during the credits….His hands are pretty quick on the wheel hahahaha.

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