Wow!  We have made some serious progress over the last month! The dedication of the guys during holidays, vacations, nights and weekends is really bringing the Hearse to life.

Shane, Lance & Greg were able to get the final prep done and the rear section of the 1 ¾ roll bar completed over our Christmas break. The guys will be completing the bar with removable door bars after the car is up and running.

The engine/trans wiring harness is now complete with a custom ECU mount, fuse and relay board. Lance went the extra mile and basically rewired the entire car. The ECU mount and relay/fuse panel will all be hidden under the rear floor and easily accessible. The gauges were finished off with a boost and wideband on the A-Pillar. The remaining wiring for battery relocation , main power and grounds, battery cutoff switch, gauge harness, etc have all been completed as well.

They also installed a custom liquid/liquid transmission cooler which is located under the passenger side of the car. This is fed with -12 AN lines off the heater core and will certainly keep the 4L80 temps in check.

The new fuel system Lance laid out consists of the stock fuel tank modified with – 8 AN hose feeding a custom 2.75 gallon aluminum surge tank built by Shane. We are feeding 2 Bosch .044 pumps and Fuelab filters with -8 hose. The system then exits the filters via -6 hose to a -6 Y which feeds the under hood Fuelab regulator with a -8 hose before hitting the fuel rails. The fuel lines are all TFE to eliminate any fuel smell associated with standard braided lines most commonly used. The entire system was designed to be removed with ease by simply unplugging the harness and disconnecting fuel lines in the case it ever requires servicing. We will have a bulk head with service door once the new rear floor is completed.

The vac. and boost references we chose to do in AN line. This allows for a solid leak free source and makes for a clean install compared silicone hose.

Shane has put a lot of his detailed touches to the under hood fabrication of this beast. The charge pipes are all completed consisting of 3.5” aluminum, a Tial BOV and heat shield to aid with keeping the intake charge nice and cool. The 5” air intake is completed along with an aluminum fabbed air box. Shane also built a similar shield on the driver’s side to keep things looking symmetrical. The Tial wastegates are installed along with custom 1 ¾ SS dumps exiting the front fenders which should make things interesting under WOT.  LOL

We are excited to mention the car runs as of 1/31/12 .  We have some additional things to wrap up which consists of the above mentioned door bars along with a CF driveshaft, suspension, rear floor and some other odds and ends. The project is looking to be on schedule and we hope to be on the dyno within the next couple weeks shaking it down.

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