Tim’s GT-R is nothing short of a monster. In preparation for its final delivery AMS tuner Chris Black has been finishing up Tim’s tunes. Earlier this week he put down 1265whp on C16 spinning the tires on the dyno despite having 5 people sitting in it. Today Chris decided to finish Tim’s 93 octane map.

The 93 octane numbers were simply incredible!

1012 whp 800ft lbs of Tq on 93 Octane (US)

Making this (if I am not mistaken) the first 1000whp GT-R on pump gas.

Tim’s GT-R is a little different than most ALPHA 12’s. IN addition to full blown ALPHA 12 he added the following:

ALPHA Ported Throttle Bodies
ALPHA Prototype Intake manifold
ALPHA Prototype Race intercooler kit

Tim's Alpha 12 1000hp Dynograph


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