New Big Power Parts & Performance Packages Available for Your Evolution X From AMSPerformance

Over the past few years we have been making many improvements to the Evolution X platform.  After our Championship wins in the Redline Time Attack Series of 2009, we focused on making an even more potent engine and turbo package for the street and track.

We experimented with numerous engine configurations and turbos to find the ultimate combination of power and response. After a grueling test period we made our selections: The end result was even more power and better spool-up times than ever before!

AMS Evolution TDX Package:  The Culmination Of All The Latest Technology

For the ultimate in street and road course performance and the results of ALL of  our latest developments, we bring you the AMS Evolution TDX Package. This series of performance upgrades boasts a massive 2.4 liters of displacement for that extra low-end torque to accelerate out of turns with ease. We complimented this powerplant with our new 900XP V-band Turbo Kit and our EVO X CNC Ported Cylinder Head to give you all the power of our Championship Winning Time Attack Evolution X plus more!

This package delivers you the ultimate EVO for the street making 700 HP & 400ft.lbs. of torque on 93 octane pump gas!  Opt for a race gas tune and 850+ HP & 500+ ft.lbs. of torque are on tap.  With full torque coming in at just over 4000RPM and carrying all of the way to redline, this package will turn your EVO X into the V-8 slayer that AMS cars have always been known for!

AMS Evolution TCX Package

For our Evolution X drag racers, we now offer the AMS Evolution TCX Package. At the heart of this performance package is our high-revving, AMS 2.2L Big Bore engine. The added displacement of this powerplant helps lower spool-time of the newly designed 900XP V-band Turbo Kit. Since this engine maintains the stock length for stroke, it has a long and wide power-band achieving a 9500 RPM limit!

With 850+ HP and almost 500 ft.lbs. of torque on tap, your TCX EVO will be capable of firing off low 10 second 1/4 mile passes at the drag strip. The power is there, so with the proper tire and suspension setup, 9 second 1/4 mile times are not out of the question!

Like the TDX Package, the TCX still exhibits excellent all-around capabilities for use on the street and road course too.  In fact, the TCX package offers the same engine and power of our Championship Winning Time Attack Evolution “TA-X”


AMS 2.4L Big Bore Stroker Short Block

If you are running an upgraded turbo system, the new AMS EVO X 2.4L Big Bore Stroker is key to keep you ahead of the competition. When used with our available CNC Cylinder Head, this engine provides MASSIVE torque yet retains a horsepower curve that climbs all the way to the 8500 RPM redline!

This new engine produces an amazingly wide power-band that carries a flat torque curve planting you firmly in your seat with response and spool-up like you’ve never felt from a 4 cylinder!  On the street, full spool can be achieved at just above 4000rpm – giving you all the power and torque to exit out of turns quicker on the road course and to leave your opponents in the dust on the street!

AMS EVO X V-Band Turbo Kits Now Fitted With New XP Series Turbos

All of our AMS Evolution X V-Band Turbo Kits are now equipped with our latest XP series of turbos.  Looking for a little more top-end power, we implemented a newer, slightly larger turbine wheel and the results were phenomenal. Overall, our turbo kits gained additional mid-range and top-end power without sacrificing power down low.

Click the links below for more information on each turbo kit.

AMS 750XP V-Band Turbo Kit (Street / Road Course / Drag Strip)
AMS 900XP V-Band Turbo Kit (Street / Road Course / Drag Strip)
AMS 950XP V-Band Turbo Kit (Street & Drag Strip)

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