AMS/ALPHA Performance M157 Upgraded Turbos – 787WHP!

AMS/ALPHA Performance M157 Upgraded Turbos – 787WHP!

A while back we announced our entry into the Mercedes market along side of our shops new E63 AMG Outside of our stock ECU Tune we have remained relatively quiet while we worked diligently behind the scenes on new hardware and power options for the M157 engine.

ECU tuning blog post: AMS tunes the new Mercedes 5.5Biturbo platform

Today we made a big step in our M157 development. Over the past three months we have been testing and testing our shop E63 with our new upgraded turbos. While you will find below that the Horsepower number is very impressive what is even more impressive is that this is only the beginning as ALL OTHER PARTS ON THE CAR ARE 100% STOCK! You heard that right, no downpipes, no turbo outlet pipes, no exhaust… nothing. This is just a stock E63 with our upgraded turbos calibrated in house by our two tuners Martin Musial and Chris Black.

Please note torque is not shown as our tach pickup was having a hard time picking up a signal on the dyno. Based on the HP Torque should be close to 770 ft lbs.

This is just the start as we are far from done. These turbos should be the cornerstone of what will be our ALPHA 9 Performance package for the M157 motor.
Stay tuned for more information.

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