Alpha Mercedes-Benz V-8 BiTurbo Engineering Updates

Here is an engineering update about some exciting, soon to be released Alpha components for the M157 5.5L BiTurbo & M278 4.6L V-8 BiTurbo Mercedes-Benz line.

ALPHA Carbon Induction System (ACIS)

During dyno testing we found some big HP gains can be made from a custom designed turbo intake upgrade. We are currently working on the final design of the Alpha Carbon Induction System which consists of carbon fiber air boxes and carbon fiber intake tubes that will replace the stock air box in our E63 AMG. These will also fit all other models with the M157 engine, as well as the M278 engine found in the 550 class Mercedes. In addition to dressing up the engine bay, these carbon air boxes, coupled with the intake tubes, will open up the intake system by more than 30% over the stock system.

ALPHA Boost Cooler Upgrade Package:

The high temperature of the intake charge on your Mercedes-Benz V-8 BiTurbo engine is the biggest bottleneck for performance. As you make multiple wide open runs in your AMG you quickly overwork the factory heat exchanger system and power output drops down significantly. To solve the biggest hindrance of power output, we are developing a unique package starting off with an auxiliary intercooler heat exchanger, that will supplement the stock system. In addition to the heat exchanger, it will include a large reservoir to increase the cooling capacity of the intercooler that DOES NOT mount in the trunk taking up valuable real estate or require any maintenance after installation.

This non-invasive, yet highly effective system for the E63 AMG (other BiTurbo models to follow) is designed to reduce the air intake temperatures which in turn increases the HP output of your M157. Best of all it will not require you to cut or drill holes to mount hardware, or run cumbersome lines underneath the vehicle like other options on the market.

The new Alpha Upgrade installs like an OEM unit and will require no further attention in the future. This system is a must for all M157 owners who want to perform basic engine modifications, especially those in warmer climates.

ALPHA Max-Flow Turbine Outlet Pipes (TOPS)

The factory turbine discharge pipes (the pipes that connect directly to the back of the turbo) were made to fit in the tight confines of the engine bay. The biggest drawback to this is their limited internal size which significantly increases backpressure and restricts power output. Thanks to our team of engineers and state of the art laser scanning equipment we have designed upgraded 3″ outlet pipes that are 50% larger than stock!

By casting the turbine outlet section, we are able to maximize the tight space allowed for this piping. By using three dimensions to make a higher volume, straighter path from the turbine housing to the downpipe itself, we achieved the best exhaust flow and power increases without sacrifice.

With a 100% cast stainless steel design they will not only offer big gains in flow and HP but also will fit as well and last as long or longer than an OEM piece. We retain the use of the factory top and bottom heat shielding in addition to a supplemental shield for maximum heat protection keeping this modification under the radar. These will fit models with the M157, as well as the M278 found in the 550 class Mercedes.

ALPHA V8 BiTurbo Downpipes

To keep the expelled turbine gasses moving down stream and complementing our Alpha Turbine Outlet Pipes, our Engineers are working on a upgraded set of downpipes. These 3” stainless steel pipes will not only increase HP significantly but wake up that quiet exhaust note. These will fit models with the M157, as well as the M278 engine found in the 550 class Mercedes.

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