At AMS we don’t typically work on Domestic V-8’s but we do like to dabble with the LS based GM engines from time to time.  We’ve produced some unique LSX vehicles such as our Evil CTS-V, turbocharged AWD “AMS Express” Van and the most recent 1000HP Turbo Hearse.

Recently we put together a supercharged Corvette for our good friend and loyal AMS customer Chris Wargacki.  His C6 now packs a 416ci LS3 fed by a ECS Novi 2200 blower making 930rwhp and runs 8’s in full street trim.

What’s most impressive about this car is that it’s a legitimate street car!  It has no weight reduction at all; retaining the leather seats, A/C and everything else that came from the factory.  The car is  also driven to and from the track every time. Chris doesn’t even own a trailer or a tow vehicle!

For build information and images of this wicked C6 Corvette, click here:

I’m sure this question is going to come up.  It should be noted the Corvette is not a platform we plan on pursuing due to our current workload and focus.  In select cases we would consider doing something similar for an existing AMS customer or someone willing to do a no compromise build with us.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

A special thank you on behalf of Chris Wargacki goes out to the following:

  • HKE Engine
  • RPM Transmission
  • ECS
  • FTI Converters
  • Gary Crigler Photography
  • Pat G Custom Cams
  • Scali Motorsports

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