At TX2K’17 the crowd was laser focused on the car that they had been following for over a year, Alpha G. As Gidi lined up the R35 GTR for that fateful first ever 6 second pass the next car in line went mostly unnoticed. It looks like a brand new penny. The rose gold wrap reflects everything in its environment. Alpha G’s 6 second pass could be seen dancing across its hood. After Alpha G’s run into the record books the “Alpha Queen,” as its owner, OB Prestige Auto, has dubbed her, clicked off the 7th fastest GTR 1320 foot run on its very first competitive pass. The Queen is rising to Alpha G power levels, and its fit and finish, even higher.

r35 gtr record

“We worked hard to make sure the aesthetics matched the performance of this car. Queen is as much a piece of artwork as it is a race car.”

The Queen, like Alpha G, was built by the team here at AMS Performance from the ground up. We take the lessons of each of our previous builds to improve the next build, and the next build, and the next build. Alpha Queen is the culmination of 8 years of AMS’ GTR knowledge and 30 years of the lead tech, Ivan Phipps,’ automotive building experience. It shows in the smallest of details. You get distracted by the car overall, but the excellence of this build lives in the smallest details. Ivan said, “We worked hard to make sure the aesthetics matched the performance of this car. Queen is as much a piece of artwork as it is a race car.” There are a number of those small jewels that separate it from the pack.


  • 25.3 cage.  Alcantara wrapped front bar
  • RaceTech Carbon Kevlar Racing Seat
  • OMP 6 point belts
  • Alpha Performance Carbon dash
  • Stroud window safety net

alpha gtr record r35 nissan


  • Alpha Pro Billet Block
  • Alpha Spec – Bryant Billet Crank
  • BME Custom Rods
  • King Bearings
  • Alpha Performance CNC Ported Heads
  • Ferrea Custom Valves
  • Garrett GTX Turbos
  • Garrett Liquid IC cores 4x750HP
  • Shep trans Stage 6+ Transmission
  • Billet Front Differential
  • Custom Long Tube Headers
  • Custom Pie Cut Ti Exhaust
  • 5 Stage Peterson Dry Sump Pump
  • Custom Sumped Pan and Engine
  • Fuel Safe Fuel Cell
  • T1 Fuel System
  • SPA Fire Suppression System
  • PLX Display
  • Custom Trans / Traction / IC Pump  Panel
  • Custom Valved AMS Drag Suspension With Extra Front Droop
  • Custom Dual Rate Front Springs and Custom Rate Rear Springs
  • Custom Rear Pillowball Upper Shock Mounts

r35 gtr mods engine alpha performance

r35 gtr record alpha performance

  • Linear Potentiometer at all Four Corners
  • Individual Cylinder EGTs
  • Dual Wide Band
  • Bank to Bank MAP
  • Custom Fast Acting Bank to Bank AIT
  • G Sensor
  • GPS Sensor
  • Coolant Pressure Sensor
  • Crankcase Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Battery Cutoff System
  • T1 Ignition System with Dual M&W Pro Drag 6 boxes
  • Magnacor Wires
  • SYVECS 4wd Controller


  • Alpha Carbon Kevlar Hood (Custom Extra Strong)
  • Alpha Carbon Roof (Custom Extra Lightweight)
  • Alpha Carbon Kevlar Trunk (Custom Extra Strong)
  • Seibon Carbon Doors
  • MT ET Drag Rear
  • Hoosier Drag Front
  • T1 / Belak Wheels
  • T1 Front Brakes
  • Alpha Performance Tinted Lexan
  • DSS Modified Front Prop Shaft
  • DSS Pro Level 33 Spline Axles
  • Stroud Dual Parachutes
  • Custom Wrapped Chrome Rose Gold by Xposé Montreal.

The OB Prestige Auto Alpha Queen is the newest BIG GT-R build and arguably, the finest. Look for this GTR to start competing for R35 royalty, and fighting to be crowned the new King, or rather, Queen of the R35 GTR kingdom sooner than you might imagine.

r35 gtr record mods

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