AMS Performance and INFINITI USA Announcement

AMS Performance and INFINITI USA are extremely honored to announce that the Red Alpha Intake System is currently available, as an option, for your personalized vehicle build on the INFINITI USA web site! Right now, INFINITI performance enthusiasts can choose to add the most power producing, highest quality, and efficient aftermarket intake system available for their VR30 Twin Turbo from the INFINITI original equipment manufacturer. This is a ground breaking moment in AMS’ history. It reaffirms our commitment to provide our customers with the finest engineered, built, and performing vehicle components in the world.

q60 vr30 intake system mods upgrade kit

INFINITI intake mods upgrade kit
AMS Snailworks© Engineers designed the Red Alpha air boxes to block the filters from the scorching under hood temperatures.

Q60 intake mods upgrade kit

INFINITI Q60 intake mods upgrade kit

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