Protect Your R35 GTR’s Transmission!

High powered GT-Rs experience such extreme G forces when launching and accelerating that the fluid in the transmission can slosh backward and allow the pickup to pull in air instead of oil. This aeration of the transmission fluid creates a drop in line pressure which, in turn, causes miss-shifts and slipping clutches that will damage your GT-R’s expensive transmission!

The GR6 Fluid Slosh Solution!

The Alpha R35 GTR Deep Transmission Pan & Pickup Relocation kit solves this trans fluid starvation problem by relocating the pickup to the back of the trans pan. When under high G’s during acceleration, the oil pickup is now in the perfect location to grab the most oil possible. The high capacity pan also adds almost 2 quarts to the capacity of your transmission which further alleviates transmission fluid starvation, while at the same time increasing the overall thermal capacity of the system.

Simple Installation

By retaining the factory filter and designing the kit for simple bolt in installation, this is a must-have for anyone doing a transmission upgrade. Recommended for any GTR with a built transmission, especially those that launch at the track or on the street.

Protect your expensive GR6 transmission, order your Alpha GR6 Deep Transmission Pan & Relocation Kit today!

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