Red Alpha VR30DDTT Kinetic Direct Injectors

AMS Performance is excited to introduce the Red Alpha VR30DDTT Injectors! The limitations of the factory injectors become evident even at relatively lower horsepower numbers, especially when using ethanol based fuels like e85. We recognized early on in our development of the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 platforms with the VR30 engine that we would need to provide more fuel to support more power. Working together with an industry leader in fuel system technology, Nostrum High Performance, on the development of this component is the reason our customers know that they can rely on the Red Alpha Kinetic Direct Injectors to be the best built, best performing on the market.

  • Fully Ethanol Compatible (e100, e85, e50, e30, etc.)
  • Capable of Flowing 20 g/sec @ 100 bar
  • CFD Optimized Design
  • Capable of Supporting 1100+ whp on Gasoline
  • Capable of Supporting 800+ whp on E85
  • Fully Compatible with AMS Flex Fuel Kit and HPFP Kits
  • Dynamically Flow Matched Set of 6 Injectors
  • Each Individual Unit is Tested for Functionality and Flow
  • Direct fit (same electrical connector and fuel rail connection)
  • 180 Bar Recommend Operating Pressure

Engineered to be the Best

Utilizing specially patented nozzles, the Red Alpha VR30 direct injectors create proprietary kinetic particle break-up resulting in smaller droplet sizes, superior atomization and shorter liquid lengths. This means the Red Alpha kinetic direct injectors not only allow for increased horsepower, but make creating power more efficient! Engine tests show higher heat release and faster burn rates than conventional air-shear fuel injection mechanisms, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and increases in power. Through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) the Red Alpha VR30 Injector modeling shows the optimized fuel flow trajectories.

World Record Performance

After returning from TX2K20 where we were first in the 9’s with the VR30 we fine tuned the calibration, put the car on a diet, and added slicks. The results were record setting…again! We raced the car to a new world record going 9.84 @ 130 MPH! The Red Alpha line of products are the highest performing, highest quality components that you can get for your VR30 powered Q50 and Q60 and we have the records to back it up. ? Click on the link to learn more about the Red Alpha line of products…


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