9.84 @ 130 – New Infiniti VR30 Quarter Mile Record!

FURTHER INTO THE 9’s! May 1st 2020. Re-resetting our own VR30 WORLD RECORD, Again!

9.84 @ 130 MPH! Further testing at the track has yielded another quickest quarter mile world record for the INFINITI Q50 & Q60 VR30 platform. Unfortunately, we experienced an issue getting the car to shift from 4th to 5th gear at the top end of the track which didn’t allow us to run higher than a 130mph trap speed. The good news is this means there’s definitely improvements to be made once we can make a clean pass! Already looking forward to making some changes and getting back out there with the AMS Red Alpha Q60! As always, we’re committed to bringing our VR30 customers the highest quality, track-tested, performance components available.

? 9.84 @ 130 MPH 1/4 Mile
⏱ 2.40 0-60 MPH
? 5.86 60-130 MPH
? 804 WHP
? 686 TQ

?Mod List
✅AMS Intakes
✅AMS Heat Exchanger
✅AMS Full Exhaust incl. Downturns
✅AMS RA405 High Pressure Fuel Pump
✅AMS Low Pressure Fuel Pump
✅AMS Inline Fuel Filter
✅AMS Fuel Pressure Sensor
✅AMS Stage 1 VR30 Injectors
✅AMS RA800 Turbo Kit (Prototype)
✅AMS Tune


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