Our friends at performance friction have done it again!

They have taken their years of experience in professional racing and developed an AMAZING set of rotors for the GT-R

You can read all about them here: http://www.amsperformance.com/cart/gt-r-gt-r-brakes/

Performance Friction’s new Nissan GT-R 2-piece V2 Direct Drive ™ brake disc allows the disc flange to float – this improves braking control and release; eliminates vibration and pulsation; reduces piston knock-back; reduces drag; and lowers heat transfer to the hub.

Responding to the need for Nissan GT-R brake discs that replace the stock units and endure extreme road and race use – again and again — Performance Friction introduces its two-piece, full floating, V2 Direct Drive™ brake disc assembly for the Nissan GT-R.

The company has capitalized on its championship winning racing brake expertise and technology in rotors, brake pads, and calipers to manufacture a brake disc assembly unsurpassed in capability and durability for the street and track-day Nissan GT-R enthusiast.

Performance Friction road car discs share the same metallurgy, geometry, and design criteria as our racing discs. These front and rear GT-R replacement disc assemblies are custom-engineered to be a direct bolt-on OE-sized replacement part requiring no other modifications.


  • Two-piece, full floating, Direct Drive™ V2 attachment between rotor and hat. This attachment method floats the rotor flange together with the hat and spreads the torque takeout load. Its anti-rattle washers and retention ring improve braking control and release, eliminate vibration and pulsation, reduce piston knock-back, drag, and lower heat transfer to the hub.
  • Front Rotor is 380mm / 15-in. OD; 34mm / 1.33-in. thick and direct bolt-on.
  • Rotors manufactured with high carbon alloy material using copper and molybdenum for maximum temperature strength and durability.
  • Aircraft quality heat treatment applied for micro structure alignment and durability.
  • Rotor vanes turned OD and ID for balance to reduce thermal warping and vibration.
  • Rotor runout held to less than 0.0005-in., and thickness variation less than 0.0002-in.
  • 100% measured and inspected to meet and hold tolerance specifications

Front Rotor set retails for $1710.62
Rear Rotor set retails for $1823.10


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