AMS Project Lancer Ralliart

Here is our new Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. What are we going to do to it you ask? Drag car? Strip and gut it? Throw some 285 R compounds on it and whip it around the track? none of those actually. This time I’m taking a different approach. My goal is to make a...

AMS TA-X Update

To help us pack more rubber Ivan and the team decided to make a wide body kit for the TA-X Ivan reworking the factory fender Tony welds in the fender extension part and Shane works his magic to make it flow better A rough rendition of the front fender another angle!...

AMS/Wilwood WRX STi Lightweight Brake Kit, Front

The AMS/Wilwood Subaru WRX STi Lightweight Brake Kit was designed for the Drag racer or Autocrosser looking for that extra edge.  AMS has teamed up with Wilwood to provide this lightweight yet streetable kit that shaves 32 lbs from your STi, 22 of which is reduced...


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