AMS EVO X makes 550whp

Completely stock motor from valve cover to oil pan. AMS Prototype 35R kit AMS Surge tank setup Prototype DW 1000 cc injectors q16 and 93oct mix. Manual Boost controller I had the oppertunity to test some larger injectors for the X. So I said, why not, and tossed some...

Blue Demon Update 4-28-09

The car will see the track fairly soon meanwhile here are some pic of the latest: -carbon fiber door panels The new Forgeline wheels -and here is how they look on the car The rear wheel finally sits flush with the...

TA-X Update 4-27-09

Shane finishing up the front doors after the door handle shave. Ivan and Martin going over the wheel/tire combo. Justin mocking up the radiator duct. The finished mock up. The finished duct The duct out of the car Shaved fuel door AIM dash mounted to the steering...


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