Recently we got the Project AMS GT-R up and running with the new turbos and exhaust. We have not yet totally tuned it so we have no HP numbers for you but I thought at the very least we could get you guys a sound clip of our exhaust as it sits currently.

Things to note:

These are stock tips reconfigured at the owners request. The production system will have similar tips with just a slightly larger opening.
The system in the video is on stock downpipes with and AMS midpipe and axleback system with NO MUFFLERS and NO RESONATORS.
This car will be going to the track soon so we thought for now we would leave those out. Production systems will have the option of running cats, resonators or mufflers at whatever combination they see fit.

Pricing is still not determined but I should have that in a week at most (hopefully)
I also hope to have some HP numbers on these turbos this coming week

In any event ENJOY!!! Take note of the SICK HRE wheels we had put on too….just pure class!


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