Halloween, the perfect time for a video about the World’s Fastest Hearse.  AMS “Madness” sets a new top speed record of over 160mph at the Chicago WannaGoFast 1/2 mile.

The AMS Hearse ‘Madness” is not your typical entry in any competition, let alone a standing half mile race. ‘Madness’ took everyone by surprise when it pulled into the staging lanes, and then really blew their mind when it clicked off a 161.4mph half mile. This AMS built turbocharged dead sled is pumping out over 900HP on 20psi of boost through a stock GM LS V-8 6.0L longblock. The data logger attached to Madness during the record run showed an impressive 2.9 second 0-60 and 6.49 second 60-130mph time on the Bult Field airport runway in Monee IL.

Stay tuned for the next video coming soon of this 5000+lb behemoth featuring a 9 second quarter mile blast!


For more information about the AMS “Madness” Hearse: Here


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