AMS EVO 8, third consecutive WIN. Lime Green FTW!

Just posting some results from this past Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs HSAX event. The event was held at Blackhawk Farms in Rockton IL.

For those who are not familiar, HSAX is autocross rules basically on a real road course. You have one run to make it count! Lots of fun and it helps dial in skills on the track…

This past weekend 8/9/08 marks my third consecutive win in Street Unlimited. This class permits any and all mods to any car as long as they run a 140 tread wear or higher tire. My fastest lap was a 1:23.001. Closest time posted was around a second back by a 2008 Z06! I have a few videos, couple of which did not record sound cause i guess i had it turned off?? But we added some music to it for good measure! Any info on the series can be found at Thanks to all that have helped me out this season… AMS performance and Stance Suspension!!!…. More videos to come…. Enjoy…–UvtauE …..Click that high quality!! …………Some Practice sessions from the track in the morning… This one has Sound! ! !

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