Oops, we did it again! AMS backed Evo smashes another Colorado hillclimb record!

Allison and I once again headed up into the mountains of Colorado (even driving thru snow this time ), and for the second event in a row, we left with a class win and a new class record.

We also managed to make the sports page in the local newspaper. There’s a good shot of the car on this web page (though I’m sure it’ll dissappear tomorrow morning).

Overall event results here.

The weather, the event volunteers, and the water truck all made for a good road. If you read the article, I were mis-quoted as ‘pulling the rocks out of the ditches and putting them on the road’ when in fact what we were doing was pulling the rocks out of the ditches and putting them in the woods so people wouldn’t have issues with tire punctures or blowouts. One of the old-timer competitors remarked that the road was in very good shape for the first run on Sunday.

We took a gamble and used the same Yokohama tarmac rally tires we had on the car for PPIHC, and they worked great. The tires hooked up well on the blue-groove, but if you got off line, you were greeted with a bunch of wheel spin in the dust/dirt. On our first run we managed a 4:52 on the 5.2 mile course, which bested the previous record of 5:03, set last year in a Subaru STi. In addition, we ended up 4th overall, behind three open-wheel hillclimb cars. Not too bad for a grocery getter. On our second run, I pushed too hard into one of the hairpins, missing my braking zone. We went wide into the dust and that was the end of getting a fast run on that one, and we had to settle for a 4:56.

I’ll have more pics and in-car video up in the next few days. Unfortunately, our video camera shut off mid-way up on our first run, so I’ve only got the second run to upload.

As always, we want to give a big shout out to our sponsors for helping us put together a killer car. AMS, Salta Motorsports, DHP Composites, and the others down in my signature! I’d also like to give a thanks to the Red Bull guys who provided a tent and as much Red Bull as we could drink. I’ve never seen service crew guys move so fast.

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