**ams Engineering Update** Wet Sump Oil Pan

As some of you may or may not know we have been working on a dry sump and wet sump system here at the shop for quite some time. We have some prototype units being used in the field for testing but we wanted to bring to light some info on specifically the AMS WET SUMP OIL PAN.

Some of the unfortunate few know all to well the result of running an EVO in a high speed/high G turn. I have personally been witness the demise of several motors this way. Quite simply the oil pickup is situated in a way that it becomes very difficult to pull any oil into engine because its all being tossed to the other side of the pan. A simple backyard fix has been to run a bit more oil but even that is not guaranteed to work. These were the premises for AMS creating our Dry Sump system and wet sump system.

The wet Sump system is pretty wild and for most people will solve this daunting issue. Each pan is hand fabricated and will incorporate a front kickout along with a trap door to help keep oil where it needs to be in high G scenarios. Along with this we were able to make the pan 3/4 inch deeper and allow for 1.5 more quarts of OIL!! if that wasn’t enough its all made to work with the factory oil return line setup.

This isn’t just for road racers either. The fact that the pan can carry 1.5 more quarts of oil would be crucial for the drag racer looking to keep toil temps down and ensure proper oil flow.

Now this is in the construction phase but we thought it would be nice to show off a drawing we have worked up of the pan:

Let us know what you think

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