Shreveport Louisiana to Jackson Mississippi

On Day 3 we get up early and head to our cars. The police shut down the bridge connecting Shreveport and Bossier and us Fireballers get it to ourselves. It’s our official starting line and it’s a pretty awesome sight to behold.

Our first few missions take us to the Bonnie & Clyde museum and the actual site they got ambushed and killed. We head to our passage control for lunch. Here we get a little taste of the south with some smoked BBQ brisket, yum! After lunch our clues take us to Vicksburg Mississippi. Here we’re to find a certain monument in the Vicksburg national military Park. The park consists of over 1300 monuments and over 16 miles of road commemorating the battle for Vicksburg during the US Civil War. I wish we could spend more time here as there are so many things to see. Our next set of clues takes us to Jackson Mississippi. Here we solve the last of our clues and we’re the 9th team to arrive at the checkpoint. Not great be we had some hiccups along the way and glad to be top 10.

The bridge is ours!

At the starting line

Hanging up our flyers of our missing child.

A monument at the Vicksburg National Military Park

One of our missions, yes it’s as weird as it looks.

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