Today was Crazy! I think I must of been talking non stop from 10am until 3pm. We met so many awesome new people and great existing customers. We talked to people from

Trinidad and Tobago
New Caledonia
and a bunch more I can’t think of at the moment.

I had literally ZERO time to walk to the show and take pictures so this is all I was able to grab before they kicked us out at 6.

I apologize for the crappy cell phone camera pics but its all i was working with. I will upload the good camera here later tonight.

Our booth all set up

The REAL and ORIGINAL ECTO1!!! Bad ass!

Belagio Water Show as we were walking to Caesars for some post show cocktails

Again I will do my best to get some more pictures of the show today.

Also in exactly 2 hours and 40 minutes we will know who the winner of the Castrol Syntec Top Shop Engine challenge is!

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