AMS Sema 2008 thread….AMS in VEGAS!

Well earlier on this year we announced that we would not only be attending this years SEMA Show but also displaying. It’s a huge step for any company as SEMA is the biggest aftermarket automotive show PERIOD.

On top of this directly after SEMA we are to attend the Super Lap Battle Race at Buttonwillow California. This means getting not only our drag car out to the event but also out EVO X time attack car.

The road to vegas when you are driving is a long one…especially when you are driving a big rig. Tim and I piloted this monster over the course of 2100 miles in two days. Our sponsor sticker dude was nice enough to let us borrow their truck to transport our drag car and their pro lite toyota truck for display at the show

Martin and Corey had the job of taking our dodge truck and the EVO X in our enclosed trailer to Vegas as well. Talk about road warriors. These two drove 28 straight hours NON STOP from chicago to vegas. They are sleeping like logs right now but they got the car here in time. Tim and I were able to take our time a bit leaving a full day earlier then Martin and Corey Traveling through, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona we saw all kinds of wacky stuff. Tim wanted to stop at this GEM of a place but I though it best we stick to the itinerary LOL

Of course it was time to mingle in with the other truckers. I figured a cowboy hat at the local flying J was fitting considering it was halloween

outside of Chicago Illinois is a pretty boring place but everywhere else seems to offer something different. These things were just MASSIVE and ALL OVER Texas

HOLY S*&T was gas cheap in Oklahoma….$1.99 for regular!!!!

Driving 33 hours anywhere in a big rig can get pretty monotonous, we did what we could to stay alert. This is what I was staring at behind the wheel of the sticker dude truck.

Finally after a total of 10 hours of sleep at most Tim and I reached Nevada. I wish it was more exciting but given that we had to cover over 2000 miles in less then 48 hours it was all about the job at hand.

Now that we have gotten here I will have all kinds of priceless AMS pictures to post up. We are a collected but wild bunch and we promise not to disappoint. Hopefully i can get some pictures of our really nice display up tomorrow after set up.

Also we are in vegas so you can expect some not so work safe stuff to be posted up here im sure.

Thanks again and stay tuned!!!


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