AMS EVO X makes 450whp on pump GAS!! Using our prototype 35R kit!!

Mod list is as follows:

AMS Intake pipe
AMS high flow fuel rail
Full AMS 3″ straight through exhaust

Prototype AMS V-band turbo kit with 35R
Prototype Deatsch Works 800cc direct drop in fuel injectors

Since the last time I posted a dyno chart of this car, we have added an extra fuel pump to the equation to quell our fuel pressure related issues, and also installed a much lighter wastegate spring which aptly took car of any boost creep that was previously present. The can now holds a steady and consistent 1.65 bar (~24psi)

I am continually impressed with the results that we are getting out of a completely stock long block with completely stock cams. The spool up is also what I would expect and totally acceptable for a turbo that is this size. Surprisingly, it spools up about as quickly as a couple of the 30R’s that we have been messing around with lately.

I can’t wait until the weather doesn’t suck quite as much so I can go ‘test’ the performance of this kit on the street.

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