The Blue Demon 2.3RR 35r gets a race gas tune… Sick power band inside!!

Some of you may remember this car:

I put it back on the dyno to get the race gas portion of the tune dialed in. It made some pretty good power on pump gas a while back, and I’m not sure that I posted that up either. Anyways the final 93oct and q16 gas tunes are both pictured below. Results are great for a nice conservative road racing tune that will ensure longevity and reliability of the power plant. I will say that I am very impressed with the power it is making at 30psi.

The most important specifics of the build are:

AMS 2.3RR motor
AMS 35R Turbo kit
AMS VSR intake manifold
AMS Standard FMIC
AMS 3″ straight through exhaust
1000cc injectors
~22 psi on 93oct
~30psi Q16

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