AMS, Now MoTeC v3 Certified!

You heard right! This past weekend I took a trip to California to attend a class which outlines the finer points of MoTeC’s v3 software. I have had experience tuning MoTeC systems already but their newest version of the software definitely had some awesome features in it that have a learning curve attached to them. The system uses methods to tune the engine that are definitely a departure from popular tuning culture.

The power of the system is amazing in relation to its processing ability alone. The most impressive ability of the system is its ability to do… anything. It completely user definable to point where I can even make my own maps. With great power comes great responsibility. As an example, the software is so completely end user adjustable that if you wanted to make a fuel trim table that was based off of your right wheel speed in relation to your steering angle, you could do just that, and the software would not try to stop you!!

Really, what this means to the end user, is that whatever the issue may be, however radical the cam, however big the injector, or turbo, or nitrous shot, you may have, I can configure it to work correctly. I am very excited about the adjust ability and problem solving ramifications of this system. There are many other features which it also incorporates that no other EMS can lay claim to. If you have any specific questions, or would like to know more about getting your EMS tuned here, please don’t hesitate to ask!

As a friendly reminder, we also tune just about everything else under the sun. I do much more than tune just Mitsubishi’s here at the shop. If you or your buddy have a cammed out ls1 or even a diesel truck, I am working to be able to support anything you can come up with!

Here is short list of the things I can think of that I have tuned at least once before. I am sure there is more.

Utec, Greddy Emanage (ultimate), Power FC, Autronic, Haltech, MoTeC, EEC Tuner, Open Source, HP Tuners, ECUTeK, Megasquirt, DTA Fast, AEM (FIC), Electromotive, Microtech, DSM Link, Pro EFI, Stinger 4 (EMSS), Hondata, Chrome, Tec2, Big Stuff, AIM Dash Systems, Apex-I SAFC/ VAFC/Neo series, Split Second Systems, VooDoo Box, TurboXS Dtec, MapECU, Maf(Map) Translator, HKS Super AFR, Aquamist HFS-5, Snow Performance, Devils Own, Alky Control, SDS, Various Nitrous Systems

Since were on the subject, I am also:
Factory AEM trained
MoTeC Version 3 Software trained
Specialized Automotive Tech School Graduate
Successfully Completed EFI 101
Completed Toyota TPAT Program
Visual Basic, C++ trained,
A+ Certified
Cisco Network Systems trained

Since I have worked at AMS, I have tuned well over a thousand cars, both on and off our Dynojet 424xLC (load control). I’ve been around the country tuning cars on site for customers that do not have a decent tuning solution in their area. In addition to that we are all over the country doing on site race and tech support for our customers and our own race cars. Our dyno has over 16,800 runs on it from just about every car manufacturer. About 85% of which were all made by me .

Finally, here is a silly picture of Martin and I tuning the EVO X with ECUTeK for the first time:

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