AMS GTR Exhaust Development

As many of you know we have been hard at work developing an AMS exhaust system for the new GT-R. Its not a quick process but to do things right it takes time. I wanted to give everyone a little backdrop on what we have been doing here at the shop.

AMS is a 20,000 square foot facility that houses 35 trained professionals. The GT-R has its own department here and its own dedicated staff of engineers and technicians.

here you can see the factory system laid out

This pictures shows the factory downpipe next to the flange being used for our system. As you can see there is a decent increase in size

What is nice about having such a large and all inclusive facility is that we are not limited by traditional methods of part development and fabrication. Here at AMS we try to employ the latest technology to ensure that we can not only make the best performing product but also the most reliable and best fitting piece. In the pictures below you will see our begining stages of our Downpipes for the GT-R. The off white pieces are actually made in a 3D printer we have here at the shop. After roboitically plotting the space constraints of the OEM piece we are able to take that design and see what areas we can improve upon. From there we design a new piece using CAD software. After we feel we have a good starting point we then feed that data into our rapid prototype machine to make a 3D model of the piece. If at that point we are happy with the design we then start to have it casted.

Casting pieces like this becomes vital in not only the reliability of the piece and OEM like fitment but with overall performance as well. With casting we are not limited by some of the roadblocks from custom fabrication. We can make an area as smooth or free flowing as we want.We can employ ideas and theory that are all but impossible or horribly labor intensive in making the piece by hand out of steel.

So below is an example of the downpipes we are currently working on. If Casting does have a downfall it’s the overall time it takes to go from design to production. These pieces right here are about 8-10 weeks from being stocked on our shelves.

As you can see using this design we are easily able to make a unit for a customer with or without a high flow catalytic converter. This specific high flow cat we have tested up to 550 whp without losing ANY hp of that of a free flowing test pipe. Thats a huge plus for guys looking to stay under the emissions radar and still wanting improved performance. However for those that want to roll the dice and have a full catless sytem we are providing that option as well.

Here are some comparison shots of the AMS unit and the Stock unit side by side. The AMS unit doesn’t apear to be larger but the difference in color between the two is actually creating somewhat of an optical illusion as the AMS unit is indeed larger and more importanly…free’r flowing.

As far as the complete system is concerned I do not want to give away too much but plans are to have a 90mm primary section going to two VERY free flowing race inspired mufflers and terminating at quad tips. We are always open to suggestions and input on this as well.

Price and availability is still someone up in the air but you can rest assured knowing this will be a VERY power potent system and a very reasonable price.

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