About a week ago a customer of our approached us with the idea of building a track EVO X. He wanted a turn key track car that he could pick up from us and take right to the track to have some fun. We helped him out in negotiations on a brand new Silver EVO X. The dealership drove the car over to us and with only 30 miles on the odometer we began the build

The kicker is we only have 10 weeks to bring this from a stock EVO X to a fully prepared track car. Let the games BEGIN!

The part list for this car is pretty clean and simple. Its a formula similar to a couple other EVO X’s we have built and quite simply….it WORKS!

Here is a rundown of the parts going into this build

Engine and power

AMS EVO X Cold Air intake
AMS EVO X Front mount intercooler
AMS EVO X upper IC pipe
AMS EVO X Lower IC pipe
AMS EVO X Racing series single tip catback
AMS EVO X Cast O2 Housing/ Downpipe
AMS EVO X Test pipe
AMS EVO X Fuel Rail
AMS EVO X Fuel Surge Tank system
AMS EVO X Small battery Kit
AMS EVO X Underhood shifter bushings
AMS EVO X Radiator hose kit
Kelford EVO X Stage 1 cams
AMS EVO X Ross replacement pistons
Manley EVO X Turbo tuff Rods
Exedy EVO X Stage II clutch
Forced Performance EVO X Red Turbo

Weight reduction and Aero

AMS EVO X lightweight Front Crossmember
AMS EVO X AC delete kit
APR GTC 300 EVO Spec Wing
Seibon EVO X OEM Carbon fiber hood
Seibon EVO X OEM Carbon fiber trunk
AMS EVO X Carbon fiber Roof
AMS EVO X Lightweight Driveshaft

Suspension, Brakes and wheels

JRZ RS Pro Coilovers with Custom AMS Alignment
Cusco 1.5 way rear differential
AMS EVO X adjustable rear toe link with eccentric delete
AMS EVO X bump steer kit
Volk RE30 wheels
Stoptech 6 piston front and 4 piston rear Big Brake kit

Chassis and safety

Complete roll cage assembly
Sparco Seats
Sparco wheel
SPA Fire suppression system
Scroth Harness’

As you can see 10 weeks to go from stock to THAT is a pretty serious feat. We are not one to miss a deadline though. Here are some progress pictures of the past few days:

January 21st

January 22nd

January 23rd

Here are some updates of the progress

Ivo Installing the Stoptech BBKs

Rear brakes installed

Front brakes installed

Sparco steering wheel waiting to be installed

Ivo pulling out the rear diff…

Cusco diff awaiting installation

diff installation

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