AMS Project Lancer Ralliart

Here is our new Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. What are we going to do to it you ask? Drag car? Strip and gut it? Throw some 285 R compounds on it and whip it around the track? none of those actually. This time I’m taking a different approach. My goal is to make a sneak attack Ralliart. A Ralliart that looks and sounds tame but has more bite than EVO X. So we’re going to keep the stock cat-back on as long as possible and try to make the most power out of simple bolt-on parts.

Our stock EVO X GSR made about 240whp and 255 ft-lbs of torque.
Our stock Lancer Ralliart made 195whp and 210 ft-lbs of torque

Well obviously we needed to find some more power. The first step is tuning to see what we can get out of it. At first i wanted Chris to get all that we can out of it but I opted for a base mail-in flash so we could see what the average customer would get from us if he sent in his ECU.

Chris uploaded the base mail-in flash along with our boost pill. Back on the dyno the results were awesome! Boost went from 18.5psi to 21.5 psi and A/F were much cleaner.

Check out the results! +47whp and +40 ft-lbs of torque

right now it’s making about the same power as a stock EVO X GSR which is pretty impressive for a $495 mod (mail-in flash and boost pill). The car feels much quicker and just keeps pulling to redline.

So now that we have more horsepower let’s see what it does on the road. We went to our private test area and proceeded to do some 20-100mph test. The transmission was put into sport mode and manually shifted at 6500 RPM. Starting from a 5mph roll I floored the throttle and ran the car to 105mph. Then I used a GPS based data aquisition to compute the time it takes to go from 20-100mph. The two tests were done back to back with the car stock and then flashed with our boost pill.

The 20-100mph results:
Stock Lancer Ralliart: 14.73 seconds
AMS base-flash & boost pill : 11.44 seconds

That’s 3.33 seconds quicker from 20-100mph! The biggest difference I felt was above 60mph where the stock Ralliart lugged it’s way to 100mph and after our flash & pill the car just kept pulling hard.

We’re working on our next set of mods and let’s see if we can get the Ralliart down in the 10 second range for our 20-100mph test. Stay tuned!

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